12 Week Creative Development Plan

I’ve been using the 12 week techniques for a while now. Anyone who has signed up to Best Self or the 12 week year will know how powerful these techniques are in helping reach your goals. In fact I’ve lost just shy of 50lbs in weight using the 12 week technique, if you know me you will understand the magnitude of that statement.
It’s no coincidence that in all my development seminars and my practical work in development and production I have always worked and advocated a 12 week cycle. 12 weeks pre 12 weeks production 12 weeks post. That changes depending on budget, some times 12 weeks start to delivery some times each stage is 12 weeks. In development 12 weeks from blank paper to finished pitch is always my goal.
So with that in mind I have decided to share my techniques online. So keep an eye out for details. I leave you with two thoughts. BAFTAS are not won by great programme makers. BAFTAS are one by people who decided to work at making great programmes. And Those people all dreamt of making that acceptance speech and they had a vision of the end goal and envision every step of the way, probably before even entering the industry. So if you are interested sign up and like my Facebook page where I will post details of this valuable technique.

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