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Hi, I’m Jonathan a TV Director and Executive Producer. This is my own Jonathan Glazier TV Director My Story. It began many years ago at the Elstree film studio children’s Christmas party. I was six years old, invited even though my dad, Peter Glazier, who worked there had died. He died the day before I was born, which is, of course, very sad. As I walked in I looked up at the lights, marvelled at the bits of camera gear left on display and then there was the setting, a fantastic pirate ship, I was hooked on the business from that very moment, I had to be a director!

I used to sit and watch the films my Dad worked on; he was an art director. I could sit with his designs and storyboards on my lap as I watched. And for the original Gregory Peck version of Moby Dick, I could follow the script, which I still have, one of my prized possessions. And now I am an Executive Producer, former head of BBC formats and entertainment; I’m also a multi-camera director. My Linkedin profile has more details.

I have extensive experience in many genres throughout the world, notably SE Asia. In the UK I’ve won awards and worked in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. I have directed many major T.V. shows both live and recorded. I am known for my calm approach and a great relationship with production, talent and crew alike. I am adaptable while maintaining the vision, and I have very high standards. I’m a known problem solver, and my experience in the industry means I can offer technical expertise with very creative flair. My experience also means my executives and channel bosses get some sleep; they know I will deliver the show on time, budget and with creative flair

Currently, I’m the EP and director of series 3 of Asia’s Got Talent. I helped develop an idea called sadeem.com; now, in cycle three, it’s a major digital-first project for Al Jazeera. I directed the popular BBC Game show Pointless, and the live channel 4 show Million Pound Drop. Add to that large scale music direction, both live and recorded, is a speciality. Most recently a massive concert in Indonesia featuring some great regional talent and Dua Lip Headlined. I also directed shows with legends like Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart, and The Spice Girls. I just returned from working with Endemolshine on a game show in Singapore which he developed from an idea from Israel. Jonathanʼs career spans many years in the industry at every level; he has directed most of the classic entertainment shows in the UK.

I love my job, every day is a learning curve, and Iʼve never dreaded getting to the studio, and yes on show day I still get nervous but good nerves of excitement.

You can ask me anything my contact details are here. Everyone calls me JG

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Jonathan Glazier