1. Introduction to my 12 week creative development plan.


I’ve been using 12 week techniques for a while now. Anyone who has signed up to “Best Self” or the “12 week year” will know how powerful these techniques are in helping reach your goals. In fact I’ve lost just shy of 50lbs in weight using the 12 week technique, if you know me you will understand the magnitude of that statement.

It’s no coincidence that in all my development seminars and my practical work in development and production I have always worked and advocated a 12 week cycle. 12 weeks pre 12 weeks production 12 weeks post. That changes depending on budget, some times 12 weeks start to delivery some times each stage is 12 weeks. In development 12 weeks from blank paper to finished pitch is always my goal.

So with that in mind I have decided to share my techniques online. So keep an eye out for details. I leave you with two thoughts. BAFTAS are not won by great programme makers. BAFTAS are one by people who decided to work at making great programmes. And Those people all dreamt of making that acceptance speech and they had a vision of the end goal and envision every step of the way, probably before even entering the industry. So if you are interested sign up and like my Facebook page where I will post details of this valuable technique.

First the background.

The 12 week technique is quite well known. Until you use it it seems like another promise all cure for changing your life, but it can. People have trebled their income, saved relationships and lost weight using the system. I lost 47lbs myself over 3 months. It’s remarkable and really simple to master but like everything hard to stick at. But do stick at it and it will change the way you think. And that’s the key, change, because we all do what we’ve always done and are surprised that we get the same results. So change. I don’t want to get into the detail of the actual 12 week thing, if you follow these posts you will get a good idea. But all I want to say is that the basic principle was about killing off annual targets. Basically because you can put off trying to achieve them because it’s all to easy to think you have bass of time and then come year end you chase leads run around and have to hit a years worth of KPIs in March. Imagine hitting those targets every 12 weeks? You now have a grasp of this powerful philosophy.

So why use the same system in the creative industries? Surely you can’t plan to have an idea, it’s all just open ended isn’t it, blue sky no rules?

Well sure you can operate that system if you want to spend a lot of money with few results. But it’s the same as not knowing what you want to do when you leave school, there’s no vision, no goal and you end up study a mis match of subjects you find easy and ultimately never fulfil your potential. No one starts a journey with out some idea of where they are going. Sure you can go with the flow, but ultimately you are probably heading for a destination of some sort. If you are a parent you will no the end result of an unplanned weekend, moaning children or fighting siblings. A well planned weekend with trips out, a game on the field, a dog walk dominoes pizza followed by strictly bath and bed means happy tired and most importantly happy occupied children. My point is that in every way a plan is better than none. So why not make it a structured 12 week plan full of goals, checks and ultimately a vision of an end product. Apple are creative and they have a road map, admittedly it’s annual, the iPhone comes out with very September but apple are creative and they have a plan.

Next step basics.

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