Ep4 vlog while walking the Dog

I will start by saying theres no Ep3! Don’t ask.

So. this was recorded using my Osmo Pocket and the wirelessGo radio mic. It really is so small. as you can hear it works really well. As others have pointed out the USBc adapter only works with the pocket, it’s another outlay for the one that will work with the Osmo Action. That’s a bit disappointing. There’s a bit of wind noise as you can hear but then again I wasn’t using the gag and while I am talking about the gag, its a bit of a lightweight fit I think.

I think the dgi cameras are great for vlogging, simple menu system, easy to use and good quality results. I’ve still not decided if I prefer the gimbal pocket or the software rock great of the Action, time will tell.

At the end of the video I talk a bit about how I started. It’s all about making stuff. Just practising, experimenting. It was hard 50 years ago! I had to borrow a camera we had to buy film and pay for the development not just reach for an SD card and shoot and erase!. A cine camera was way out of my reach until I was about 16. I had a newspaper round and I saved up for a super 8mm. Then I was off. filming everything‚Äč that moved.

It really has helped me. I can talk to anyone on their level about their jobs and the kit they are using, and I know what I am talking about. I have many war stories where people would try and pull the wool over my eyes with technical language. it would usually end with embarrassment once the pro person had realised I really do know what I am talking about!

I also know about lighting and images, how the tools help me tell a story. And it also means when I used to have to go for interviews I was confident and passionate and could back it up with detail. Sadly I couldn’t show them an example of my work on my phone. Mobiles were about 10 years away and I couldn’t carry a super 8 projector and ask them to blackout the room! But I would have if I thought it would help me get the job!

Rode Wireless Go

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