Ep 5 vLog while not walking the dog – Singapore

A small glimpse into my life while out in Singapore. Believe me I am not complaining and I love my job’ it’s a privilege, it is just not as glamorous as it may appear. Lots of travelling, one hotel room can look exactly like another, the flights do take it out of you. There’s also a lot of wandering about on your own, most things are better shared and I would love to share Singapore with Becca and the girls.

This was part of a pitch trip. Some good ideas we’d love to make. A couple for Netflix and one for Indonesia. I also had a couple of commercial meetings for online projects which again we’d love to make. So it’s exciting, although just once it would be great if someone jumped up in a meeting and said, “that’s brilliant we’ll start shooting next week” does that ever happen anymore?

So now it’s a waiting game, a couple of comments and refinements, which I take as a positive. I will report back and hopefully one day share the dates of transmission!

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