TV thoughts while Walking the Dog

my Vlog

I often think while walking the dog. I find walking the dog offers the best space for creative thinking. So I thought what better place to kill two birds with one stone. Vlog while walking the dog.

I follow the same route more or less, it is very hypnotising as I don’t have to think about where I am going. Just plodding one foot in-front of the other, clears the mind. I also find myself very present, to use the over used term of the moment. I notice all the changes in weather and fauna, and I have time to think.

So this is going to be how I vlog, I thought about the office, using back grounds all the typical TV stuff. But this is really me, wandering and thinking. I do it in Singapore too, every such time, in the evening, I am working and yes people don’t understand. I think walking is actually better than sitting at a desk looking like you are day dreaming!

So I would include Walking as one of my 7 habits for success in TV.

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