Part 2. Jonathan Glazier’s 12 week creative planning technique

Now some basics


For this system to work you need a vision, humm i can already hear the sighs. But creatively, vision is key and here we are talking about creativity. But lets be clear about what i mean in regard to vision. So your vision is to make a BAFTA winning TV show. That’s the worst vision you can have. You can have a goal of making a good TV game show, or drama, or some online content that gets some views. As I said BAFTAS are not won be great programme makers they are won by people wwho set out to make great programmes, just setting out to make a BAFTA winning show is not clever.

If at 7 or 8 you watched the BAFTAS and saw great speeches by David Lean and started dreaming that one day that would be you, that’s a vision because it motivates you be be the best you can be. If at 11 you got a paper round to save up for your own super 8 camera because you just wanted to tell stories on film for a living, that’s a vision because you have to be good for people to pay you. If at 22 you wanted to be the best multi camera director ever because it was the best job in the world and you dreamt that you could support your self and possibly a whole career maybe a family or a whole life doing something you loved, that’s a vision. It a vision of the life you want to die having lived. And its not too late to ever have a vision, I want to walk down the isle with each of my daughters and I don’t want diabetes but i do want to be buried with my own hips and knees, that’s a vision and my goal was to lose 50lbs, which I’ve done.


My point is that the vision, if big enough will provide big motivation to achieve your goals by executing your tasks. As a species humans are typically really bad at motivation or execution. You can tell people they will die from smoking but still that excuse of addiction is coughed up. Addiction is real, I know that, but a person who is addicted will act as though its not their problem as it’s the fault of the tobacco giant. All of which is true but to take responsibility with “I am addicted” is a huge step to envisioning a life clean from smoking and powerful motivation for giving up. Particularly if you couple that with and imagine you could have enough extra cash for… people take money over death under these circumstances.

12 times as fast

So your vision needs to be big, life changing, I mean really life changing and personal. Imagine standing on your yacht, or having the car you dreamed of. Or giving your family a new home. Freeing your self from stress with financial security. These big personal vision will drive you to your goals. And you will need several goal to achieve your vision on several sets of 12 weeks. But believe me you will get their much faster with goals over 12 weeks rather than 1 over a year. For the non mathematicians reading this that’s 12 times as fast!

Your vision is your life change, your goals are to make successful bits of content.

Next comes the first principals

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