The Masked Singer

Coming to ITV in 2020, in production in Australia as I write (break a leg David and Chris) a show described as mad in the US press after its first season debut on Fox. The Masked Singer is a Korean Format from my friends at MBC.Celebrities don masks and perform in their own voices to the ubiquitous panel of judges. The performers are paired off and the loser is eliminated and of course, unmasked. Given some of the performers are not known for their singing this could be dubbed cruelly as a murder mystery given some of the attempts are “pitchy”. That said like the best of entertainment and in the works of one of the great entertainment producers of her generation the late Jane McNaught “you have to be able to see the joke.” Or in other words don’t take it too seriously, enjoy it as a parlour game but play to win. I can’t wait to see what Australia makes of it, and I really do hope the UK version has Eamonn and Ruth masked as beauty and the beast.

Jonathan GlazierExecutive Producer & Director, Writer and Creatorformer BBC head of format entertainment.

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