Harry and Meghan Documentary: Hidden Messages

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Harry and Meghan Documentary: Hidden Messages is part one of my look at some of the production techniques used in the Netflix documentary. It’s not a review of the documentary or a commentary on the story. Its is my analysis of how the production team have used certain techniques to tell the story. Some of these techniques have a hidden psychological effect on the audience. They are well known in the advertising business. I use them all the time; even the title of this video is designed to hook you in; the Harry and Meghan Documentary: Hidden Messages, Harry and Meghan -is probably the most talked about and searched-for keyword today, and Hidden Messages is designed to create curiosity in the reader. Giving you the desire to find out what these messages may be and implying that you will come away from watching the video better informed.
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So let me know what you think of my observations.

Key moments in this video

0:00 Start
0:06 What is this video about
0:40 Review Time
0:48 The Disclaimer and what it really means
2:45 Power Words set Agendas
4:00 The Towel Shot
5:05 The Master IV

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