Advertising is becoming a tax poor people pay

“Advertising is becoming a tax poor people pay.” Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business Scott Galloway – 2016.

I pay for YouTube premium; I do much research on youtube, have my channel @jg_tvdirector, and those adverts are very annoying, so I pay a subscription for premium. It’s the same on a couple of streamer’s ITVX, for one.

That’s going against my socialist principles of anti-private health or schools, but it’s in the same ballpark. I can afford to turn off the adverts, many people cannot. However, the people who can’t have the least disposable income.

Where is that going to leave us? As subscription revenue levels off or declines, the streamers will soon develop two-tier payments, one with and one without ads. So Advertising is becoming a tax poor people pay. But as that demo is the least attractive to brands, we may see the Mandalorian with a can of coke, sporting a Rolex, as product placement becomes the only way to reach high-income households? The adverts that the less well-off will all be for lucrative online gambling, payday loans and Iceland frozen food stores.
While the ability to target consumers becomes ever more sophisticated and crafty, the avoidance of adverts becomes another source of revenue. I’d pay for an Instagram feed free of adverts. I also know people are leaving Facebook because in their feeds they see more adverts than posts from friends and family. So a premium Facebook feed without ads and a free with seems like a good idea?

The way we consume entertainment (and information) is going to change drastically over the next 4 years. Television is already a redundant word. “Tele” as a direct translation from Latin means “far off.” True we may be watching pictures from far away, but TV has come to mean “the linear delivery of visual content”. I think a more arcuate description has to evolve as Broadcast TV becomes outdated. Stream and Live Stream are better suited to today’s reality, Long From and Short Form and are more accepted. Content creation or delivery are words we use more and more to describe the areas we work in. The reason this is important is because of the rights to show the content that is created. How we restrict, who can and can’t view? Who has paid or who is watching for free? Because at some point someone has to pay the wages of the people in the business and subscriptions and advertising are what fund our cultures all around the world.

You think you are expanding your cultural horizon as you go to see the Cezanne exhibition at Tate Modern. What you are doing is paying for the people that hung the paintings on the wall, The person who pasted the paper poster on the tube hoarding. For every pound, you spend a proportion goes to the advertising sector in fact ad spending worldwide will reach nearly 885 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2024. A talking point by Jonathan Glazier with thanks to Barrick Prince.
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