We have just started using hellowoofy.com to help with our renewed blogging effort. Running 3 web sites and trying to make the all dynamic, using new content etc. Its a hard ask for small companies. So the test over the nexxt few weeks is to see if hello woofy does a better job then loomly.com in helping us (thats me) post to a scedule. Thinking of the content isn’t the hardest part, its the effort of sticking to a strategy for me personally. I have so many diverse things going on that its easy to let the regular things slide, and yet they are vital to keeping that traffic coming in.

We have aslo launched our new inititative at Pepper Rafferty, ProStream.uk helping us focus on providing live video streaming solutions to the Cambridge area. That is increasing the social media workflow. Plus we know I am a dyslexic, “Never an excuse, only a reason.” and that also means I do have slight aversionn issues to writing!

So expect a report, you may even see evidence with renewed posting activity   ✏️  here’s hoping!